photographed by Vince Aung

photographed by Vince Aung



Brian Brigantti is a queer latino artist based in New York City. 


His passion for photography bloomed at the young age of 14. Being the only creative at such a young age left Brian feeling like an outcast. Because he felt misunderstood through most of his childhood, he has developed a mission to ensure that others feel the comfort in front of the camera that he was never able to feel growing up. Allowing someones true essence to shine through is what he is most passionate about.

Once he graduated from high school in Chicago, he traveled across the country to pursue an education in photography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Art school gave Brian the freedom to explore his photography, and most importantly, himself. After three years on the West Coast, it was time to take his career to the next level, so he made the move to New York City.


Two years since his move to the city, Brian has honed his focus on portraiture and fashion photography. Through his adventures behind the camera and in the lavish world of nightlife, he has also found a place styling. 

Brian's passion, drive, and charisma has taken him to places that very few have reached in such a short amount a time. Now that he feels at home in New York City, Brian is ready to take his artistry to new heights.